About me

Hi, my name is Christian, I live in Vienna and have been programming on the web for more than 10 years. From early on in my career, I focused on performance optimization and front end design.

Throughout my many years of experience working in agencies, I have implemented projects for a large number of companies such as A1, Drei Österreich, Opel, Heineken, Puntigamer, MuseumsQuartier Wien and Neuroth.

I also worked at Kurier, World4You and Restplatzbörse. Websites with high traffic, which depend on fast performance.

During my three years as Lead Developer at Restplatzbörse I introduced new workflows, built up a team and massively improved the performance and usability of the site. (DerStandard.at Article: "Speed-Ranking: Restplatzbörse hängt Airbnb und Tripadvisor ab")

One of the challenges companies face, is to stand out from the crowd. That is harder than ever today. In most cases you are not the only one offering a certain product. That's why it´s crucial to score with an excellent website as there is often a great chance to stand out from competitors.

My goal is to help companies catch up internationally and make them fit for further growth. If you are interested in working with me or just want to talk about opportunities, please contact me.